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Big Diameter Power Chucks for Railway Wheels

We design special jaws in order to adapt the geometry of the fronts to the different ratius of the railway wheels.

We customized the clamping elements based on the turning needs of our clients and we don´t have any limitation to face new challenges.

Last week, we informed about our power chucks for the wind energyand today we´ll share with you our advantages for the railway wheel sector, one of the most special ones when it comes to flexibility and adaptation of our designs.

In TDEG we have developed multiple projects lately on this sector, such as:

  • Pallet changer for railway wheels with 1200mm diameter power chucks
  • Large stroke jaws for railway wheel axels
  • Big diameter power chucks/strong>, multiple sizes, number of jaws and applications
  • Platos automáticos Ø1500 para ruedas de ferrocarril
  • Platos automáticos Ø1600 para ruedas de ferrocarril

We´ve reached an excellent balance between our best quality and price for these special projects, which can be appreciated by our customers.

For more info, check our big diameter power chuck catalogue.

If you have any questions, please contact us.