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talleres de guernica platos para tornos

Since 1916, TDEG has been able to transform and adapt its activity and production model to the unpredictable social and economic realities of each period, arriving to the current era developing an increasing leadership in the domestic market for lathe chucks and seeking for excellence to continue taking part on several top projects around the world.

The current global scenario and its impact to the industrial and economic models of the XXI century empowered the TDEG´s decision to ignite its international model, investing in modernizing its productive resources and prioritizing I+D with the goal of reaching the quality levels required to start up business relationships with multinational companies.

Today´s main mission for TDEG relies on increasing its international visibility and consolidating its position as big diameter power and manual chucks manufacturer with better quality-price ratio in the market. This challenge is built up based on three main pillars:

-          40 people with high level of training and motivation in the project

-          Technical and technological structure continuously upgrading.

-          High quality network of providers and collaborators.


•Located in the historic town of Gernika, 30km away from Bilbao International Airport, Talleres de Gernika´s premises combine and tradition and modernity. Its 1916 main workshop accommodates CNC lathes, milling machines and grinding machineswhich allow us to manufacture our high quality manual and power chucks meeting the most stricts quality standards following the know-how acquired along its 100 years of history.


TDEG is certified ISO 9001 since 2006, meeting every requirement and hosting an external auditory every 2 years.